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"Unless we try to do something beyond what we have already mastered, we will never grow."

Here you'll learn about Becky Nordgren.  Becky is the Republican Candidate for Alabama State House of Representatives - District 29.  It is Becky's desire to help District 29 and the state of Alabama grow to be the best it can be by protecting Alabamians form the encroachment of the Federal government and by helping to create job growth.  In addition, Becky is working to bring responsibility and accountability back to our state legislature.  She also endorses term limits for the state house and senate.
Becky Nordgren is a wife, mother, and businesswoman.  She has co-owned and managed an advertising agency for over ten years where she handled the marketing for over 20 small businesses.   Becky currently works as a marketing representative for LINCARE Respiratory and Medical Equipment Company. 
Becky has worked with the Etowah County Republican Party for well over a decade striving to bring the conservative message to the citizens of Etowah County.  She believes in hard work.  She operates on the premise that hard work should be rewarded.  She believes that District 29 and the state of Alabama have much to offer but need the right leadership to grow the area.  

You can count on Becky Nordgren to take a stand and speak out for the citizens of District 29 when she is elected to the State House of Representatives!

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